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What should I eat before exercise? Pre-exercise nutrition and the response to endurance exercise - Current prospective and future directions

The purpose of this review is to highlight the current knowledge of the influence of pre-exercise nutrition ingestion on the metabolic, physiological, and performance responses to endurance training. We also highlight areas for practitioners where evidence is lacking, particularly regarding trained athletes, and suggest directions for future research.

Pre-Exercise Nutrition Habits and Beliefs of Endurance Athletes Vary by Sex, Competitive Level, and Diet

The aim of this study is twofold. The first aim is to determine the self-reported beliefs and practices relating to pre-exercise nutrition intake among endurance athletes of varying ages and competitive levels. The second objective is to determine whether differences in nutrition practices or beliefs rela‐ ted to sex, competitive level, or habitual dietary pattern exist.

Prevalence and Determinants of Fasted Training in Endurance Athletes - A Survey Analysis

The aim of this study is to describe the prevalence and determinants of exercise performed in the overnight-fasted state among endurance athletes of varying backgrounds and competitive levels.

Influence of a 2-km swim on the cycling power-duration relationship in triathletes

This study was designed to determine how a 2-km swim affects the cycling power-duration relationship by having a group of triathletes perform a 3MT in a rested state and a 3MT immediately after a 2-km swim at half-iron distance triathlon intensity.

Effects of dietary supplements on adaptations to endurance training

The objective of this review is to examine the impact of dietary supplements on metabolic and physiological adaptations to endurance training.

The effects of energy drink consumption on cognitive and physical performance in elite League of Legends players

In this study, we examined markers of cognitive function and mental and physiological fatigue in a convenience sample of elite eSport players ingesting an ergogenic supplement or placebo during a simulated competition.

Effects of a 2-km swim on markers of cycling performance in elite age-group triathletes

The purpose of this study was to determine the effects of a 2-km swim performed prior to a progressive cycling test on VO2max, peak power, power at the 4-mM lactate threshold, and cycling economy.

Metabolic adaptations to endurance training and nutrition strategies influencing performance

We discuss various aspects of endurance training adaptations, nutritional strategies and their contributions to towards performance.

Dietary manipulations concurrent to endurance training

The objective of this review is to examine the impact of dietary manipulation on the adaptations to endurance training.

Influence of quinoa roasting on sensory and physicochemical properties of allergen‐free, gluten‐free cakes

The goals of this study were to evaluate the effects of roasting of quinoa on pasting properties of the resulting flours, along with sensory and physicochemical properties of allergen-free, gluten-free cakes made with these flours.