Jeffrey Rothschild

Jeffrey Rothschild

Performance Nutritionist

High Performance Sport New Zealand


My goal is to provide world class nutrition support, using my background in sports nutrition, exercise physiology, data science, and research.


Sports Nutrition

I have been a sports dietitian since 2014, providing nutrition consultation to individual athletes as well as teams, including professional athletes, members of National and Olympic teams, and World Champions.


I have designed, conducted, and published original research studies in peer-reviewed journals, and translated the findings into practical application for coaches and athletes.

Data Science

Applied data science is integral to my current practice as a sports dietitian and researcher, using the R programming language as part of my data collection, statistical analysis, data visualization, and to generate reports of my findings. I particularly love using unconventional or underutilized sources of data to uncover actionable insights. I have recently conducted two large-scale modelling projects using both linear models and machine learning techniques to better understand physiological factors influencing training adaptations, and created Shiny dashboards to make the findings accessible to a wider audience.


  • Sports nutrition
  • Exercise physiology
  • Data Science


  • PhD in Exercise Physiology, 2019 - 2023

    Auckland University of Technology

  • M.S. Nutritional Science, 2014

    California State University, Los Angeles

  • B.A. Music Production and Engineering, 2000

    Berklee College of Music

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